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Record Store


A few years ago we lost the cities only source to buy new and used music and specifically vinyl records. Amarillo, Canyon and the community needed a record store made for the vinyl connoisseur and the younger consumer who are raiding their parents' record collection and discovering something special. Sound Systems Ltd. takes pride in our selection of new releases and a deep and rich catalog!  Our purchasing staff has over 30 years experience in record and music stores. A very knowledgeable and friendly staff to help find what you're looking for.  And if by chance we don’t have something you desire, we will special order a record at no extra charge.  Finally, we are music geeks and even bigger vinyl fans. We love talking about records and the latest we have purchased and our wants!  We even enjoy talking artwork, packaging and even the smell of a new vinyl record. Come on in and see what we mean!  We bring in new releases and deeper catalog than the big boxes.

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